Wireless communication and automation systems

Our team has implemented a comprehensive solution consisting of two main components: hardware and firmware. Hardware refers to the electronic part: the circuit, the Board, and its implementation as a final device. firmware is software that allows you to organize top-level protocols and route data within a network.
Agricultural industry:
  • Scientific research on determining soil parameters (for research Institute of plant protection);
  • Electrical equipment management (pumps, lighting, greenhouses);
  • Signaling and forecasting of crop diseases for timely prevention;
  • Information about the location and health status of cattle.
  • Self-organizing communication between devices;
  • Stable communication system for light show drones;
  • Use as a responder for UAVs in airspace.
Smart home system:
  • Remote collection of water/electricity readings in the MCD and SNT;
  • Condition monitoring: pressure, leaks in the system;
  • Full monitoring of the smart city infrastructure.
Operational features:
  • No subscription fee (no sim cards).
  • Legally (at 2.4 GHz).
  • The radius between devices can be more than 10 km.
  • A smaller antenna is required.
  • Resistance to signal reflections from various obstacles.
  • Low power consumption of the device.
  • Wi-Fi and bluetooth devices within range do not affect the signal quality.
  • Low system cost.
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